Nexus Uganda Construction Services

Nexus Uganda Limited offers a variety of services like: construction consultation, carpentry, metal fabrication, make bills of quantities for clients, monitor construction and maintenance of property for our clients who are abroad and we offer storage facilities. In brief, we offer the following services:

Fitting, commissioning and testing of furniture for both the interior and exterior in various materials.

  • We make coffee sets in all designs, hue and color ranging from wood to aluminum.
  • We design door shutters and frames in different dimensions.
  • We offer customized services for furniture where we satisfy specific customer needs.
  • We do quality control for the furniture we make for our clients even after completion of our service.
  • We design and fit interior ware for kitchens like cabins, wardrobe and all kinds of furniture using our state of the art machinery and skilled personnel to tip-top quality.
  • We draft priced bills of quantities for our clients’ in-case of need for acquisition of a loan by our client basing on their approved architectural plans.
  • We carry out water engineering services where our skilled personnel install, commission and test the authenticity of the product in-addition to designing bathrooms and availing water tank installations and heating systems.
  • Nexus Uganda Limited does renovations and face-lifts old structures where we turn what was old to gold.
  • Nexus Uganda Limited has got the best electrical team who possess vast experience in both the domestic and industrial electro-field backed by certified suppliers for the appliances used.
  • Nexus Uganda Limited has accomplished various air conditioning tasks which has left us with a lot of expertise in the installing, servicing, testing and commissioning of air conditioning hardware and we have garnered certificates of completion to show for our diligence.
  • Nexus Uganda Limited also possesses portable machinery and equipment in all departments to ensure the agility and satisfaction of our clients irrespective of their location.

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