Nexus Wood Works

We at Nexus Uganda Limited make wooden furniture for both commercial and residential purposes. These include: schools, offices, hotels, industries and homes where we furnish for both the interior and exterior.
Our impeccable soft-furnishing and accessories in all colors for:

  1. Living rooms
  2. Kitchens
  3. Offices.

And bathrooms, leaves a lot to be desired. We have the best cushioning facilities around and we make:wood work products sale

  1. Coffee sets
  2. Chairs
  3. Dinning sets
  4. Beds
  5. Curtain rods and boxes
  6. Doors
  7. Wardrobes.

In all colors and designs.  Our skilled staff is always available to ensure the client gets what they want in time.
In construction, we build custom-made extensions for verandahs in wood as requested by the client. We have got bonafide and trusted suppliers of timber who supply us with all types of timber from:

  1. Mahogany
  2. Pine
  3. Silky oak
  4. Rain tree timber.

And all types of soft and hard wood as requested by you. We also supply wood in all quantities.

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