Construction Products

Construction Products For Uganda and Uganda

At Nexus Uganda Limited,we provide services and products to our clients.These products are readily available for all the services we provide.
Our products range from:coffee sets,chairs,dinning sets,doors and wardrobes for the woodwork products for: Kitchens,living rooms,offices.Gates,grills,water -tanks,beds for metalwork products and kitchen sinks, toilets, bathtubs, water heaters and faucets for both bathrooms and kitchens for our plumbing products.
Our spacious storage facilities and skilled work force are well trained to handle these products so that by the time they get to the customer,they are as good as they are expected to be by our clients since we are reknown for supplying,fixing and commissioning only what is quality and satisfactory to our client.

Nexus (U) Ltd Construction Kampala

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