Dear colleagues;

Nexus Uganda Limited set these guiding principles to provide a framework for good business practices and strategies for preventing corruption, bribery and illegal acts with its business partners including, our customers, suppliers, agents, subcontractors, among others.
At Nexus Uganda Limited, we act with integrity and independence by holding ourselves and each other to be ethical and reliable in all we do.


Segawa Rogers
Managing Director


Nexus Uganda Limited’s survival in the business environment is as a result of the ability to sustain long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with customers, suppliers, contractors, and others with whom the Company does business.  Nexus Uganda Limited will continuously work to strengthen these relationships, to listen, learn, and innovate, through conscientious, trustworthy behaviour and constant attention to the results and quality of work.
Values underpinning this guideline

  1. Don not be corrupt
  2. Be professional
  3. Be Honest
  4. Be morally responsible
  5. Be fair
  6. Show respect

At Nexus Uganda Limited, we aim to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, business ethics and to ensure we manage our business with integrity. This guideline translates our vision and values into a clear guide to how we do business with our third parties.
These guiding principles apply at all times, without exception, to all suppliers and partners, as well as third parties (such as agents), are also expected to adhere to the principles when dealing with or acting on behalf of Nexus Uganda Limited.
Nexus Uganda Limited adopts a high standard of integrity in business dealings with customers, joint venture partners, agents, subcontractors, suppliers and other third parties with whom we have business relationships.
The principles and expectations outlined in this guideline don not purport to respond to all ethical issues which may raise in the course of doing business with Nexus Uganda Limited, they provide the framework for appropriate conduct in a variety of contexts. These principles are intended to supplement your own common sense, integrity and values.





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