1.Are you a registered company in Uganda?
Yes.Nexus Uganda Limited is registered and for that we have got a certificate of registration and trading license to show for it.

2.How long have you been in the field?
We have been in construction for 5years and but our personel have got upto 20 years experience.

3.Does Nexus Ltd work outside Uganda?
Yes we do offer our services in Uganda and a plan is underway to extend our services to the rest of East Africa.

4.Do you only provide services?
No,we provide the service and product.

5.Do you offer architectural design services?
For now we do architectural designs for our projects but we are affiliated with some of the best architects in Uganda.

6.How big is your workforce and can you handle large projects simultaneously?

Our workforce is very flexible to be as big as our projects are at a time. We have a provision to employ casual workers that are registered with our human resource department when the need arises. So yes we can definately manage large projects simultaneously.

7.Do you follow up on your projects after finishing a project?
Yes we do, a satisfied and loyal clientele proves this.

8.Incase of the client being abroad,do you monitor and carryout projects for them?
Yes we do.

9.How authentic are the materials you use for your projects?
At Nexus,quality is paramount so we deal with only legally and renowned suppliers for our products.

10.Do you accept installment?
Yes,only if pre-stated in the contract agreement.

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